Thursday, August 21, 2008

of love and friendship

I wrote this post once I landed in India land.

Part I of Ajiera

I went to Pekeliling Bus Station last night right after work. My first time there. While waiting for her bus to arrive, I persuaded Honey to walk to some sort of Pasar Malam opposite the bus station. Bought a nice cute green t-shirt with a picture of drums, Music! I like! Heheee.

She arrived around 1am. Saw her walking towards our car, I realised how much I miss this girl. much to tell, so much to share but so little time we have. Sigh.

Reached home around 1.30, was too tired to even layan her so I excused myself to bed (I actually felt guilty about leaving her alone in the other room, but I needed sleep badly and also to accompany Honey to sleep). He gotta wake up early for work the next day & I needed some rest before flying to India.

Next morning, woke up at 8ish, after sent Honey to work, we started talking, after a long long long time. Missed doing this, felt like hostel life again :).

After hours of updating each other, frying keropok lekor, flipping through old pictures, watching cute guys on TV and gossiping about anybody ;p, it was time to say goodbye. I needed to get ready and she needed to see her Uni friends :(

Went to NZX to have lunch before sending her to nearest LRT Station.

Part II of flying

We actually decided to leave home at 4.30pm to airport but feeling sad, Honey and I spent the one hour left on bed, cuddling each other. I didn't know why, but I felt so sad to travel this time. Urm. That's love, for you people! So we left home at 5.00pm instead.

Arrived at airport at 6ish, checked in, headed to McD for some drinks. And when the time to say bye-bye arrived, I burst into tears.

Urm...I wonder why we had hard time this time :S. By the way, some pictures for you here. Can't write anymore. Feeling sad. Want to sms Honey.

P/S: I miss you, baby!

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