Monday, August 25, 2008

We are super happy couple

I am so much in love that I read about love stories everyday (like those teenagers in high school) from time to time, non stop.

"We paw each other in public. We goof around like a pair of simpletons. We basically act like giddy newlyweds in the middle of happy hour. Sometimes we'll do something so revolting, like sitting on the couch and drawing smiley faces on the bottoms of each other's feet, that we're forced to make hacking, gagging noises to maintain our dignity. Actually, this happened just last week. "

See, this is not my story but mine is similar to this. I love this one and it sounds like us, so I do not want to write another one which will change how it is by my terrible writing. So yeap, we are so much in love, it turns disgusting at times. Really.

Tell me, how is yours?



  1. ur sweets in that heart shaped box reminded me of the chocolates i had! all gone now!

  2. It's actually chocolates darling, from Finland, taste super good. Ah, you bet they are all gone, the looked too good :D


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