Monday, September 8, 2008

Beautiful Bali wedding

Sorry dahlings, sorry Malique for the silly error ;) Was too hungry hahaha *reasons reasons

It's 5 minutes past 1. I am waiting for Honey for lunch.

A quick one, Melissa and Joe Malique got married in August in Bali, The Love Heaven. Some lovely pictures by Mia, here ;)

Congratulations, lovebirds!

Note: Photo courtesy of Mia dahling.


  1. Not Joe, it's Malique. Are u in advertising area? Well, u should know better darling. Anyway, great photos taken in Bali and u have a cute son too :)

  2. Hey thanks thanks, aiyo so embarrassing haha, I didn't even realized I typed Joe instead of Malique if you didn't comment here. Thanks! ;)


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