Friday, June 26, 2015

Tropicana Twister is sponsoring 400 people to balik kampung to celebrate Raya!

Ever since late grandma passed away, I admit I never really celebrate Raya anymore. We do have simple celebration here in KL but of course it is not the same as in kampung. So we try to go back to kampung as much as we can, when time and financial permits.

I know money flows like water during festive season. Especially for a multiracial family like ours. Every year we have four major festive seasons to celebrate - Christmas, Chinese New Year, Aidilfitri & Aidiladha. We need money to spend on the new outfits, for the feast, gifts and for duit raya/angpows. And, of course for traveling expenses! Which is the most! Often, we had to cancel our plan to go back to hometown due to financial issue #sadcase #cry.

Every year, I wish that there is someone gracious and kind enough to sponsor us some cash to cover our traveling expenses. I guess God does love me hehe. My prayers have been answered #dramamuch. 

I read about Tropicana Twister's raya campaign. Tropicana Twister is offering a FREE ride with MyTeksi, so you can go home and celebrate Raya with your loved ones.  Book your trip through MyTeksi applications from 29 June to 3 July 2015.

I love Tropicana Twister. They are my favourite - my instant booster. Good for someone like me who runs around a lot. And now that they are gonna pay for my trip back, I love them even more! 

All you have to do is to register yourself and tell them why do you want to balik kampung and celebrate raya with your family - the answer is already there so what's left for you to do is to really be creative with your words. One tip, be sentimental. It usually works! Tehee.

For more info, please visit or

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