Monday, June 29, 2015

Wardrobe tips for breastfeeding mummies

Nursing confidently in public requires a lot of work. Especially for a vainpot like me.

When I first started breastfeeding Sophie, I had a hard-hitting phase adjusting in terms of what to wear. Being a working mum, no matter how sexist this might sound – I need to potray a certain ready-to-kick-your-ass image among my co-workers and clients – to shift them away from the gender streotype judgments. So I really went through all sort of experiments in the way I dressed up to work which was then found useful to the way I dress daily, even when I am not at work.

Just thought I'd share some tips with you fellow breastfeeeding mummies.

Wear two piece outfit.

A skirt or a pair of pants with top.

Wear a tank top inside.

I am yet to achieve my pre-baby weight. Which is totally fine for me, really. But what I hate the most is my flabby tummy. So I wouldn’t want to display this part of my body to public whilst breatsfeeding.

What I do is, I wear tank tops inside my blouse which covers my tummy when I lift my top to nurse my baby.

My favourite is Airism Camisole Top #mymusthavenursinggear. I have it in each color. I admit that it is a bit pricey so my trick is, I bought one piece each time I enter Uniqlo so it doesn’t look like I am spending so much just on camisoles (men wouldn’t understand so this is great to distract hubby from the real amount of my purchase tehee).

Or you can just wear any strectahble tank tops!

Alter your existing dresses

I love wearing dresses. I am a dress kinda girl. My whole walk in wardrobe (and hubs' closet and storage) are full with dresses alone. Work dresses, maxi dresses (and those slutty dresses I used to wear when I was younger #beentheredonethat).

But wearing dresses means – you need to lift your dress up to nurse your baby. Imagine doing that in public? Hehehe. Good news is, you can still wear your favourite maxi dresses!

What I did to my existing dresses is, I created detachable straps by adding on buttons. It is pretty simple, first I cut the straps off, then I created buttonholes and I sewn buttons on the straps. This holds the straps together on your dress. Similar concept to nursing bra.

You can also do open-tie halter neck. When you need to nurse, just untie it! Like shoe laces!

Or you can opt to wear another skirt or short pants inside!

Wear scarfs around your neck

I sometimes love wearing scarfs around my neck. Of course, a thin one, not the winter type. The scarfs work as a camouflage to cover the top part of my chest when I nurse.

Custom-made dresses

When I custom made dresses for weddings or events, I got my tailor to put a front zipper. You can style it in different ways. Side zippers, front zippers. You can also opt for button-down.

Just remember - however you choose to dress, the goal is to find something that you are comfortable with and works for you (and your baby).

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