Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being married

Obviously, before we got married Honey knew that he was getting married to a juicy, smart, funny, loving, wild and adventurous girl. And I am sure he knew what was he getting into.

That is why, Honey has given me the green light to join the travel group to Bali sometime before year end (I can't confirm the time yet, waiting for Lyn to come back to Malaysia). And, Honey has also given me the gold baton to pay a trip to Dee Anna baby in Sydney in August or September.

That doesn't include all the nights out that I have been enjoying, at least once a month.

Oh, did I tell you that he wouldn't mind if I want to join my friends for drinks and a lil bit of dancing session after work as long as they can fetch me home safely?

Being married doesn't mean that you need to stay at home, take care of your kids and just spread your legs whenever your husband gets turned on after seeing a pair of big boobs or bloody firm ass. Being married doesn't mean that you have to forget all your friends whom you've known for a good decade. Being married doesn't mean that you need to end your life.

Being married means; you've got to enjoy your life like you have never did. To be loved, to be taken care of and to be understood by your beloved partner. And most important is to be able to be your own self!

This is me. I know what am I doing. My hubby knows what is he doing. So who are you to judge?


  1. Did someone judge? :)

    I completely agree with you though. I got married early, and have never been happier. It makes you feel secure and confident to, in a way, grow up from a girl into a woman, under the comforting wing of marriage. With a caring person of coursela..


  2. Did someone judge you babes?

  3. Spreading legs sounds fun ey :P

    What happened? Talk soon?

  4. Jenny, someone emailed me a very long judgmental email. Questioning how can I act like single and how stupid Seb is to let me do whatever I like. Wonder how people can be so free to do all this :P

    Tash, I'll forward you the email babes. So heartache la. Tried not to care I too have feelings.

    Is, yea, It's fun. Have you tried? Talk soon! :P

  5. what about letting him to decide? im sure you are the one who decides everything :)

  6. Anonymous, what makes you think that he doesn't have the chance to decide? Did he personally tell you that?


  7. This is getting more interesting. Blog chatting? Or blog war? Hehe.

    Anonymous, what did he tell you? Tell us tell us. Did he tell you that his wife tied him up, cover his mouth with tape hence that's the reason why he can't talk to his own wife but rather talk to you? Because you are a better listener? :P

  8. Tash, just dont bother layan la.

    Not worth the effort :P

  9. Tasha,

    if i say yes? will you do me a favor? faster go and hug your friend cause she will burst into tears knowing that her husband doesnt want to talk to her instead choose me.

  10. Anonymous, I think this doesnt add up. What did she do wrong towards you? I know her. Well enough. She wouldnt hurt others' feeling unless others hurt hers first. She's not even a celebrity. This is not a celebrity blog. It's very personal. So please. Dont bother reading if you are not liking her.

  11. Anonymous,

    Tell you what. Stop commenting anonymously. You sure have an email account right? :)

  12. No wonder 11 comments...got some "dialogues" going on eh ? :-)

    IMO, the irony of being with a woman is that 'let her retain her total freedom as she wants and she will stay with you "

    Hearing about your husbands makes me see my future-self :-)

    Marriage = the beginning of all the greater things in life !

    Disclaimer - Saya belum mau kahwin lagi...

  13. KC,

    *hiding cause shy*

    So dramatic I know :)

    You are so right!
    "let her retain her total freedom as she wants and she will stay with you "

    No offense to the possessive husbands out there but no woman wants to be over protected until can't even go out to see friends right?

    Hearing about your husbands makes me see my future-self :-)

    Heee, husband. Then you will be a good husband :D

    Marriage = the beginning of all the greater things in life !

    10 points for you there!

  14. why are all your friends so protective? issit cause they know you are weak.cry now!

  15. Anonymous,

    Surprisingly, I haven't cried yet. Not because of you at least.

    You want me to cry so badly huh?

    Buy me a Chanel Vintage 2.55 Black Classic Double Flap Bag, please?

    I will surely cry. I promise.

    Oh yea, my friends are very protective because it's worth it to do so. Cause I am a good friend. You can experience it if you try not to hate me. I am very nice, you know :)

  16. why bother announcing to the world on how perfect you are knowing that you are a crazy woman? how's your gila meroyan doing so far?

  17. Anonymous,

    First of all, it's post-natal depression. It's actually mild-depression. It happens to most of young mothers. I am not expecting you to understand. No. But don't bad-talk about people when you are not sure what's coming for you. I know I don't have any responsibility to explain about this to you. But it's important for me to makesure that nobody throw shit on me.

    Giving birth is not easy. But having people like you in this world is even more difficult.

    I am not ashamed of the depression that I had. Hence I wrote about it here. So you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself either. You do have a name? Do you?

    Take care. This type of hatred can cause some psychology disorder. Really.

  18. Anonymous,

    Secondly, I am not perfect. Unless you think I am :)

  19. Totally agree with you babe, have fun!

    To that anonymous person, go judge someone else's life and take a chill pill!

  20. Karen,

    Thanks for dropping by! :D

    Hee, chill pill.

  21. That's what you call love :)

  22. Sam,

    That's what you call love. Yes!

    Muaahh <3

  23. wohooo gila panjang komentar2 di sini.heheh.

    anyway,i agree with you.

    the most important thing is trust and communication.my husb still lets me go karaokeing.hehe :) as long i am with the people he trust and i get home in time.

    sadly sometimes i find friends drift away when they get married.suami first,family first,that's true..but there are lots of ways to keep in touch while comitting to your family.

  24. Kak Yunn,

    HAHAHA. Biasala. Drama is what we need in life. MSG :P

    You are right, a lot of my friends too got drifted away. Maybe religiously, husband should be your priority but that doesnt mean GOD or even anybody wants you to be in the lil square (you and husband + kids when the time comes) and never come out to see the world.

    I used to receive comment from friends that after I got married, it was difficult to see me, to catch up with me.

    But that was because I was not well to go out and see the world (at that time). Not because I didnt want to. Or not because my hubby didnt allow me too.

    I am enjoying this love from both worlds and I am sure you do too :D


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