Friday, August 15, 2008

Foodtiam, NZX Ara Damansara

So yea, last night after work, we decided to go to NZX for dinner. Reached there, sent our car for car wash at one of the shop lots at the back side for RM5 (paw Vacuum), we headed to the outside part where most of the makan places are to look for something to eat.

I saw Foodtiam next to Station One.

So why not to give a try, right? So we went in and had our dinner there. Overall, the food was not bad but most interestingly, the service is superb. I know I am weird, I always prefer good service rather than good food. Maybe because I am not so picky when it comes to trying new/local food of any new places I go.

So I had Penang Asam Laksa and Honey had Nasi Lemak with Rendang Ayam. They also have WiFi service there (I think this is pretty common these days). I took the chance to try the internet connection and it was not bad for free internet connection. Though Gmail was having some problem with the layout. Maybe they limit some sort of proxy (I am not sure this is correct or not haha, I just heard Honey said something like this) for Gmail.

The best thing I had was Cham Peng. It's ice yin yong in Hokkien which is a mixture of Tea and Coffee with milk. Ahhhhh refreshing. Something I would rather change with my Milo Ice.

I also like the decorations there. It is cosy and nice. They have some nice paintings of old buildings and some type of comfortable chairs /couch for side seating and those type of traditional chinese marble chairs and tables. Honey likes that :)

And yes, they also have their own website. I was so excited to visit the web and get a better picture of this place but unfortunately it's still under construction. Check out

So if you feel like trying this place, look for Foodtiam which is located at NZX (Nizexui, Ara Damansara).

Last two nights, my grandma came to my mum's place with durians :) :). She has an orchard in Kampung and believe me, the durians taste so much better than the SS2 ones :)

And since today is Friday and I won't be around until next week, I wish you a great weekend dahlings! Don't party too much. Let's hope that I will have internet connection there in Mumbai!



  1. ahhhhh the food looks good. the durian looks better. shit. send me sum hun please....

  2. thanks juicy bunneh ;) malaysian bunnies eat durian, no? LOL

  3. selamat terbang darling!
    second putri!
    i wan durian oso !!! (:


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