Monday, August 18, 2008

Update from Mumbai (Day 1)

Welcome to India, Yan!!!

The airport upon Immigration check outs

I am here in Mumbai, staying at Intercontinental The Grand Mumbai, India since our arrival. We arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai at about 10.30 pm (local time) on Saturday, 16th August 2008, around 1.ooam back in Malaysia time. Received smses from Maxis for the auto roaming system, sms'd Honey Bunny (aw baby you made me cry with your smses) and took our luggages, we walked out from the airport.

Me upon arrival ;)

It was already late so we didn't go anywhere (I usually will walk in airports area to look for any tax free stuffs when I travel), hotel Limo was already waiting outside the airport, and out of expectation, it was raining and the airport was crowded with so many local taxis (the ones in black and yellow color like what we see on TV) honking each other and the locals who had just arrived like us and those who were waiting for the family members or friends. It didn't really smell good, to be honest but I was hoping for something more apart from the airport condition. So we just followed the Hotel Limo driver, Vijay Dhilip, to head back to our hotel.

The noisy and annoying taxis!!!

Our Limo :)

Thank goodness, our limo is a Toyota Altis, with air conditioner and hot towels with bottled water served. Phewww....

On the way to hotel, the traffic and the way they drive here almost killed me. Sigh. They drive without rules. The traffic lights are just some steel posts at the roadsides. That's all! They did not bother to even glance at the traffic lights. Everybody was honking each other, I do not know for what reason, maybe God knows. Roads didn't look like road. It's bumpy everywhere, it is not like the tar roads we have back in Malaysia. Can't even compare with our kampung roads, I tell you.

Reached hotel, I felt so much better, the hotel is nice, the service is not bad. Sms'd Honey, and after some refreshments, we went to bed in a very messy mind. Missing loved ones back home.

End of the day one. Looking forward for breakfast tomorrow morning before going out to shop for local stuffs. And God, please researve me something better for tomorrow ahead.

I will write more when I managed to steal some time.

Love from Mumbai,

Note: Please excuse the spacing and the arrangement of pictures. Something is really wrong with blogger! Sigh. Will try to edit it once back to Malaysia.


  1. have fun ...i really enjoyed my stay there, 3 yrs back...with the climates and scenery.. :)

    though i bet u will enjoy more if sebby is around..hehhe

  2. Thanks darling. Where did you go when you were there? Advise me :)

  3. told ya you gonna love there..

    not actually stay in mumbai.. i went for the famous "golden triangle" trip- agra,delhi , jaipur....taj mahal etc : )

    anyway i heard that all the celebrities are in mumbai; like in Hollywood..if you're lucky maybe u will meet one.

    and mommy bought carpet + sarees..
    love the sarees...cheaper

    p's : and the open loo on the

  4. Opened loo? Haha tell me about it,man. Btw I am back to our beloved country. Loving this land more than ever now haha. Yea they are everywhere but I didnt have the luck to bump into any of them there sigh :(
    And carpet, sarees and textiles, whoa I felt like heaven. Women!


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