Friday, April 22, 2016

My life - after 2 kids and 2 companies

Things are a bit crazy lately. And I only have 2 kids and 2 companies. I wonder how others are doing it. Not that I am complaining, just ranting slightly.

Anyway, our normal day starts as early as 5.30am. Get the kids ready for school, prepare their food for the day, get myself ready, drop them off - first Isaac and then Sophie. After that I will make it a point to have breakfast with Seb. And then my work day begins. Been doing 3 - 4 business meetings a day and it is crazy I tell you. Most days, I will pick Isaac up from school in between running from one meeting to the next. Send him over to my office and off I go to next one. I pick him up not because I am trying to be a supermom but because we only have one car so the driving duty falls on me.

I thought I could do this but recently I started to feel very tired when the clock strikes 7pm and on some days, I just lose myself. It is bad I tell you.

And I have two kids to handle, I can't give up. So these days, I try to limit my meetings to only 2 per day. One in the morning and one after lunch. So far so good. At least I can stay awake until Sophie falls asleep, which is midnight. I guess she misses us when we were away for work so night time is her time with us. She will make us watch Mother Goose Club with her the whole night. Kinda fun actually.

Isaac is sitting for UPSR this year so he's all about extra classes. Every afternoon and every Saturday morning.

Yup, that is pretty much it :)

Boring update. I know. But in case you were wondering what was I up to these days, the top secret is now revealed :)

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