Friday, June 5, 2009

Different world

Still on the same topic. High school and the past.

I have missed out a lot of my high school friends' weddings and engagement parties due to my own engagements. Feeling left out. But nobody's fault but mind.

Not that I have completely ignored my high school friends but apart from the really close ones, I kinda not liking the way the others bring themselves. Immature is the word to describe some of them.

They are like urm in a completely different world.

That was why I didn't invite most of them to my wedding. Not only because it was meant to only close family and friends but also because I was afraid that they couldn't cope with my current lifestyle.

Still, I am looking forward to attend their weddings or engagement parties if I am welcomed. So, do invite me if you want to have me on your beautiful days. Don't just jump into the conclusion that I am being lancee just because I do not mix around with you all. Send me the invitation first. Even if I cant make it to your big days, I will put effort to at least wish you the warm wishes or if you are lucky enough, I will invite you over to have dinner at my place. I am a nice person, believe me.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I'm just wondering how did you get to it though..You kinda look familiar though..(That was not a pick up line,serious:-)

    I love the layout of your blog...will come again for sure Yan..

    And if it is updated constantly,maybe I'll put you on the blogroll

    Cheers Yan !

    p/s-iklan skit ah :-)

  2. No problem. I got your URL from Daniel's blog. And your comment interests me hehe :)

    I look familiar? Maybe we have met before then :D

    Thanks! I love the layout too although that's the best I can do (myself).

    Perlu iklan ke? You surely got lotsa hits already, kan? :P

    My pleasure anyway.

  3. Are you going to Diyana's wedding tomorrow?

  4. Lina,

    No lah babes. How am I supposed to fly to Terengganu in such short notice :(

    I am sorry that I will miss her wedding. Miss her. But she's coming to KL on the 16th. I will surely have her over for dinner :)

  5. Yea. It's Syed's wifey. Official by yesterday haha :)

  6. huhu.talking about high school, most of the memories, i am not so fond of too.

    but there are still a few that is worth remembering.

    we survived high school anyway.its a really tough learning period that 5 years.with good and bad memories.but definetely not going back there if i am asked to.

    sometimes i wonder how we get through it.haha.

    talking about friends from high school,yup only keep in touch who is really worth it.others are just "in their own world".heheh.

    but macamana pun, that's what get us here.we started there.always remember that.

  7. Kak Yun,

    That's right. That's the place that brought us here. That's where I learnt how to be who I am today :)

    I am okay with the school. Very proud of it. Although would appreciate if it could be better. Just not so keen to remember about some memories there haha.

    And about the friends, those who are worth it to keep in the friends list; I will have them forever in my life. But those yang sangat lah 'living in their own world' tu, thanks, but no thanks :P


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