Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When we are grateful of what we have and not wanting to have more than what we should have

One of my high school friends tagged me in one of the high school class pictures in facebook. But I untagged it back.

The truth is, there are a lot of things which happened in my past that have been erased from my memory. Not with my consent but it already happened. So I am living on a limited sum of past memories by pretending that it is okay to forget few things. Those who have been with me through out these past few years might know. For those who know, will not try to bring up the past that is out of my league.

I am not wanting to force myself to remember. So I do appreciate if others do the same too.

Although, I hate the fact that there are a lot more memories that I would like to be erased which have never been erased. I will beg if I could but that's totally beyond my control.

To those who I don't remember, I am sorry. This is not what I wished to happen. Never did. Never wanted.


  1. babes, i hope you are getting better now. no more fainting and all the dramas i hope :P

    miss you. cant wait to go back to see you!

  2. Hey babessss!!!!

    Nah, it's gone *crossing fingers*

    I really hope that it's really gone. Tired of it. Just want to have a normal life and savoring all the good moments in life :)


  3. I guess we share the same situation.. i prefer to forget things too when it's too painful/not worth it.. but i really hope we didn't forget each other bcoz for me, u r 1 of the person that rocks my world since i was 13.. :P luv ya babe!

  4. Babes,

    Its no way that I can forget my high school sweetheart <3

    Love you too babes!


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