Friday, June 5, 2009

My hubby is a VERY lucky man!

Daniel wrote about '8 traits that Men find attractive in a Woman' and I couldn't help but to comment on that.

I mean, if you can see me now, I am grinning like an idiot lol

I will just make it short here.

These are 8 traits that he wrote. I am just going to list down the 8 points. If you wanna know how the hell did that guy write that makes me grinning like this, go to his site!

HER SMILE - I know and very sure that I have a very sweet smile. I didn't make my own 'masuk bangkul angkut sendiri' conclusion but I heard that from many men and women too.

HER FEMINITY - For Pete's sake, I am very feminine. Really! Having more dresses than t-shirts and pants is considered feminine right? Right?

HER VOICE - Not sure what type of voice do them, men like. But for obvious reason, I was a national debater with strong and calm voice and I know for sure that my voice is not that type of annoying 'ringing in your heads' type of voice.

HER SENSE OF HUMOR - Hehe, this one I am very good at. Okay, fine. I dont write humor here but I am very funny, okay! And I understand humor too. My then boyfriend (who is now my hubby) said that I was the best girlfriend one can ever have because I get along with strangers so easily and when he took me to see his friends, he didnt need to 'babysit' me because I was very fun and can just laugh along with his friends. Just like that. Well, I know.

HER MAINTENANCE - Okay. I am not so low maintenance but I am not high either. Hey, I do shop but that is within our budget plus I pay for my own stuffs too. Which man wants to date a girl who doesn't even shop to upgrade how she looks? They just say that they like low maintenance girl but the fact is, they too like to see pretty girl who are well dressed up. See my point? As long as we (girls) don't always give men headache to keep paying for our stuffs right? Once a while is okay. That reminds them not to take us for granted. People tend to forget small things once they have too much of it, y'know?

HER PERSONALITY - To involve in public relation field, requires a lot or persona, aura and personality. I am a woman with personality. I attract wise men. My boss said that I have this special aura that makes men and women listen to me when I talk. Although, that sometimes lead to some stubborn elements which is good in my career. So that people dont take advantage on you. Some poeple treat PR as Special Escorts. I know it is public but not that type of public that you can touch lah.

HER EYES - I have big alluring eyes. Not as big as Aishwarya Rai's. But pretty big. They are sexy enough for hubby.

HER HAIR - I have always kept long hair in my whole life. But last few months something from the dark side has possessed me to chop it off. Well, that something was really bad. And now I am so eager to grow it back. It is now shoulder length. Thought of getting hair extension but again, that will spoil my 5th point. Maintenance! Plus I heard that it is painful. So I will wait.

See, doncha think hubby is so lucky? Daniel said in his blog that it is REALLY not easy to find a woman like this. Ah, content! (perasan actually) :P


  1. Ya lucky him...jeles jeles here.. :-)

  2. Look you up soon. Am yet to visit relatives too :/ Mwuah!

  3. KC,

    Hahaha. No need jealous lo. You have a new one every 3 months kan? :P


    Sure, sweets! You have fun. Hugs!

  4. Hey! I'm back! Was gone for more than a month, trying to hit the books! How you been?

  5. Hey Jenny!

    How was your exam? I have been busy too.


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