Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can't wait

I can't wait for so many things to come into places. Can't wait for end of this month. Can't wait to withdraw the money. Can't wait to start shopping for house stuffs. Can't wait to start planning for the many house-fixing appointments. Can't wait to start packing and unpacking. Can't wait to buy the red sexy carpets. Can't wait to sit down with the architect to finalise the house designs. Can't wait to step into the long-awaited dream house. Can't wait to see the result of our very own sketch. Can't wait to shop for furniture. Can't wait to tick off the to-do list. Can't wait for loving sister to give birth. Can't wait to hold the surely gorgeous baby girl. Can't wait for so many things. Ah, this kills.

I am so excited. Like a mad cow.



  1. aaarghh.im jealous babe!
    thanks fr the comment:)

  2. Hey babe. I so cant wait haha :)


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