Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shopping, eating and working at Jakarta, Indonesia

I just got back from Jakarta last night. Went there for a three days-working-trip. Shopping was madness. I splurged money & swiped credit cards (again) for shopping. Not for TJC but only for myself, Honey and Isaac.

Ah. Gotta evaluate my shopping habit.

But anyways, had good time there. Food was great. Shopping was better. Didn't really had time for sightseeing but will definitely head there or Bandung in the near future. This time will bring my shopping bags carrier :D

My first time flying by Air Asia and first time at LCCT as well.
Not impressed.
Hope the ongoing renovation will change my impression.

Nasi Padang. Pay for what you had and touched system.

After a whole day of shopping.
This is at Taman Anggerik Shopping Mall located at West Jakarta.

Went to Mulia Hotel Lounge for some drinks and music after shopping

Here's half of what I managed to shop in one day :D

Before boarding at Jakarta International Airport.
Was trying to capture the green scenery at the back but couldn't ask much since asking a stranger to snap this picture
. lol

The view I admire

That's Malaysia for you! I am guessing that's PD :S

Untll next time, Jakarta!



  1. Eve,

    Not yet babe. Just back for a stint cause of my health and some other local matters to settle

  2. aiyoyoyo,shop again ah you mad woman? envy envy :@

  3. You know what just hit me 2 days ago? I suddenly recalled that I met Seb on the net too! LOL

    In 2001 when I was surfing for SPM tips and such, his blog showed up in the results. It was entitled SebbFreak or something.. I can't remember.

    What are the odds that you and I met here too!! :)

  4. Tash,

    Hey, who can shop better than me? lol

  5. Eve,

    Yes, he did tell me that you guys met online. But I didn't know that through blog andddd why did his blog pop up when you were searching for SPM tips? HAHAHA. No no no, I can't believe he gave tips on how to do better in exams. Maybe more to, how to fail miserably in exam heee :P

    It's a sign babe. I am a good friend too y'know. Like Seb lol

  6. Do you have photos of how the malls there look like?

    Wow health matters. LOL planning for a baby you mean! Conservatively put.. health matters. Yan yan haha. I've never made a baby before. I hear it can be easy and not so easy too.

  7. Sam,

    The malls there are nice. They look like our KLCC or Pavillion. But not all. It's the same like here. I think I've put some pictures in Facebook.

    Errr conceiving involves good health, Sam. Hmmm :S HAHAHA. Yea, it seems pretty tough nowadays. Not as easy as Isaac. Nah, you shouldn't try now. Wait until I've done my second one :P

  8. Eve,

    Thanks mucho hee *BIG hugs*

  9. LoOooL I'm only afraid of the PUSH!!! part. Lets hope you're blessed with twins or triplets. A one go bonus.

  10. Sam,

    HAHAHA. I am not sure how difficult it is cause I only pushed half way before they took the sharp knives and started cutting my

    Twins would be GOOD. But triplets hmm kinda too GOOD oh hee :)

    Thanks dahlin!

  11. ;) LoL I reckon that you hinted my sister's name as a suggestion already. There's a working couple who'd go for breakfast at a coffee shop. They have triplet girls! The dad feeds two and the mom handles one. After they finish the dad takes the two with him in his car (I assume he takes them to a different school) and the mom takes the 3rd one in her car into her car and drives off (maybe to a different school too).

    will you be putting both of your children in the same school? lol lots of futuristic thinking!

  12. Sam,

    Not Ashley maybe but something starts with A too. But if it's twins. I will consider Ashley for the second one hee :D

    Triplets? Goodness. How to handle so many kids at once? I am afraid I can't. But that would be so much fun and time saving ey. I think I will send them to same school so they can protect each other like how many siblings did :)

    Ah, can't wait hehe

  13. A baby girl would be sweetest since there's already Isaac. Yes, triplets would mean you, Seb and the family might need a bigger car etc LoL. I've always been fascinated with triplets. Cos I do hear about twins but rarely triplets.

    When I have my kids? I'm gonna make 'em my 'guinea pigs'. By putting 'em in diff schools and when they're older, perhaps the in a same school together. Ideas ideas ideas!

  14. Sam,

    Triplets might be too many for us. I am not confident that I can handle them but if God permits, bring it on haha. Ah, bigger car, bigger house, more stuffs. Much more stuffs I meant.

    When it's your turn, I will come and bug you if you are staying nearby. I wanna see how Samantha Poh treats the lil creatures. Whether you will decorate them like Christmas trees like how I plan to do to my girl(s).lol

  15. professional retouching,

    What's up, man?


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