Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Which SEXY am I?

  1. Place to be: Beach
  2. Valentines' Day Plan: Riding on the backs of dolphins to the tip of Antarctica to hang out with penguins.
  3. What to wear: A low-cut satin gown and dangling earrings.
  4. He is most sexy when wearing: A designer suit and tie / White tee with jeans.
  5. How to sweat out: Dancing
  6. Sexiest Body Part: The lips.
  7. How to define sexy for men: The way they make out.
  8. My cat's name: Oliver.
  9. What to record on a limited space disc: Something on one of those "late night" channels - you know, the ones your parents are always trying to "lock."
  10. Game: Pool.
My type of sexy (classic sexy):
The sexy you exude is the black satin, roses and wine sexy that's all over the romance flicks. And your crushes will love you for it.

The nice thing about this breed of sexiness is that it's totally recognizable. Classic Sexy is the universal language of sexy -- bust out your suave, romantic gestures and the honeys will be able to read you loud and clear. Here's the downside: after a while, it gets a little predictable. So be sure to mix up your routine with some creative stuff every once in a while. How about Funny Hat Day? (Nah.)


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