Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 14: Science has proven it

Nothing much to say about the medical report. It says, I am perfectly healthy. The first one said, I have sepsis. This one says I am healthy. Honey insisted for the 3rd one but I say, no I am not going to give more blood for them to consume.

So I just vomit for fun. And this fever is not real too. The body aches because not enough walking in malls. And the itchiness, maybe because I am lack of sex.

Later babes!



  1. bullocks! just go back home will ya'? get a proper check up.

  2. I don't know, Is. We shall see ey!

  3. yeah..come back home and see more civilized docs..huhu :S

    take care ok.

  4. Oh let's say I already have the paid return ticket with me (open date) and I just need to call them to confirm a seat for tonight but I am still contemplating as I really want to do this job but yet it's my health I am dealing with. God, I hope it's easier :S

  5. bloody hell. what the fuck are they doing there? what have they done to you? and you silly, plz stop trying to prove to ppl, just come back ok? we all love you. just come back!

  6. lack of sex...make sense.heheh

    take care.

  7. tash is right. babe come back ok. at least you can see me before i leave.

  8. Tash & Putri bitch, talk on MSN can? lol :P

    Aimy, hee heee. You are my future family lawyer! Yay! It does make sense right?


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