Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 14: I am sick or stupid?

I was trying to make some Milo after vomited various times when I overheard this conversation between my CEO and my GM in living room;

CEO: How is she? What did the doctor say?
GM: She is okay. No sickness. Nothing. But she has been vomiting continuously for too many days.
CEO: See, I told you that she will be okay. Look at us (bangla), we never fall sick.
GM: Yea.
CEO: That's why I told you not to take her to 'real' private hospital. It will only cost money.
GM: That's true. The clinic was good enough. She didn't even know that haha!

Hmmm so I was taken to a chekai and cheapo clinic not 'real private hospital'? And he is right cause I REALLY didn't realised that.

What can I say. I am the stupid one.



  1. Awwww.... Yan! Don't feel stupid about it okay *hugs*

  2. What idiots. My god. Vomit over them okayz?

  3. Hey Eve, I did feel stupid but not anymore. In fact I pity them lol

    Jenny, hey :) Yea I should have done that lol


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