Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 13: Second Blood Test

I just got back from hospital. We went to the same hospital but different doctor. Better I think cause he insisted to do 5 type of blood test. Voila!

The first row of five containers (or urn? *lol*) of blood is mine :)

Blood taken twice already. Let's see what's in my body. Going back there in 1 hour to take the medical & blood report and for another consultation.

Painful a bit heee *lol*

Later babes!



  1. Scary stuff. 5 times of poking into your vein :S Must've been really numbing.

  2. Oh no, it was pain not numb lol

    Scary stuff yes Sam sweetie. I've always scared of needles

  3. Damn! I hate having my blood taken!! I really admire your resolve, because even though you've been sick so long, you still manage to "heee" and prance around.

    I can't believe you're still sick after almost 2 weeks, it must be really bad.

    How's your boredom and homesickness working out for you?

  4. Yea Jenny. I hate that too but what can I do. So try to live with it and think this shall past hmm.

    My boredom is still there. Same with homesickness lol

  5. you are still scared of so many things. needles. blood. and those-things-that-we-shall-not-mention.

  6. for god sake babes, you are in denial now. i now you well enuf. just wait for me on msn. we'll talk soon ok.

  7. The Wilsons!!

    Is, I am still scared of those but I have also improved a lot haha. I no longer am scared of cockroaches and stuffs lol

    Babes, talk soon okay? No need to give publicity to our bitching session ey! lol


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