Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 6 & 7

Since there are two loving authors in this blog now, you will be reading a lot of updates. From both sides, hubby and wifey as we promised to keep each other updated :)

I haven't really had the time to write about my life here in Bangla from the night I touched down until now. From the time when I spent most of my time crying until the time I spent either being out visiting lotsa offices or training my students & staffs (and also at some time, crying - still).

This post will be filled up with lots of pictures. Most of the pictures were taken in our car when it's moving cause when we are out we try not to go out from car unless when we have reached our destinations. Cause it's too dusty, you can't even count how many pimples do I have on my face (and some other parts of my body) now. The quality of the pictures for this batch is not so good because I was not in the mood to keep adjusting the setting on the first and second day. I was lazy and I was homesick.

* we are 2 hours behind Malaysia time.

Let's start with day 1;

That's Dhaka Airport for you!

Upon arriving at airport (12.30am local time - we departed from KLIA at 10.30pm - Malaysia time), we have been detained by the immigration because we were carrying some products as sample and they thought that we are smugglers. Hee hee, see! How do you expect me not to cry if the first thing happened when I touched down is being detained by weird fellas who didn't even understand English? We didn't manage to settle it there so we just left our products and contacted our local contacts to handle for us as it was almost 1.30am.
This is the bloody idiot immigration fella who simply tahan people and take people's stuffs and keep for himself (he took one bottle of whiskey and three packets of Dunhill ciggies from their own people, a local who just came back from working in Malaysia)

We had been picked up by two gentlemen who are our ambassadors here. Arrived at our rented apartment at almost 2.00am. Mind you, they don't have road laws. They just drive!

That's our kitchen with stocks I carried from home :)

My toilet which can only fit half of Honey :P. Check out my toiletries that Honey bought and packed for me :)

The living + dining hall

And lastly my tiny room!

I didn't sleep well that night. Honey, Isaac and home were in my mind :(

The next day we went to our CEO's office and had some beriyani rice for lunch!
Salad; cucumber, lime and green chili. Haha!

Beriyani rice with chicken and egg inside

Curry beef which tasted so good :D

And lastly toothpick on hot herbs. The herbs are meant to be eaten to neutral the smell of your mouth after eating.
And the toothpick are not to be eaten.

I will write about the next day in my next entry. Lazy to type already lah. Now need to go make some Milo while waiting for my baby to come online. Toodles~


  1. When Isaac can write, I'll be waiting for 3 authors!! :D

  2. When he can write. I will hide all computers in closet so he wont have the chance to write on bad things about mummy :P


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