Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was having problem with both my phones just now. I was out of reach for hours and Honey was worried sick back at home. I have two phones. Two numbers.
  1. My Bangla number: I am using a Nokia (don't know what model) phone loaned by company which has a bug. After certain amount of SMSes this phone will auto block the incoming SMSes unless we manually off/on the phone. Honey has detected this problem last few days when it first happened to me so we both make it as practice to off/on daily. But today eventhough I have done the off/on function, I still couldn't receive any SMS and to make it worse, today I couldn't receive calls too.
  2. My Maxis number which is on roaming: I am using Honey's old W810i because my phone was rosak'd long time ago. This phone is old enough to be dumped into rubbish bin but it has also been very loyal and good to us. It always turns off by itself whenever it feels like it so I just need to on it back. But today, it is totally dead. Can't be on'd. God bless you, urm (it used to have a name, I cant remember anymore).
Problem #1 (can't receive incoming calls + SMSes) was because bad service provider so now I switched to another number by different service provider. The bug in this Nokia phone is still there so daily off/on is still needed.

Problem #2 is unsolvable for the time being. Any fund for a new phone is much appreciated.

Honey, I am alright. I love you too much that I wont let anything to happen to me. Don't worry okay?

God bless me.


  1. Iskandar, you get me> :)

    Jenny, we do but my internet connection is limited so I cant chck my email all the time only few times a day. We will write each other when we have the chance, I mean when I have the chance. We will talk online if I have the connection. But Seb usually will write me every day, few times a day. Goodness, I miss home :(

  2. I've recieved the T630 from Steven liau, will pass to Gary to pass to you

  3. Hehehe you pass to Gary ok. And some other things too baby. I hope I can go back for a while end of this month though.


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