Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nikon 4300, Duck Rice

As promised, I finally dug out my faithful trusty Nikon 4300 from the car trunk. Here are some shots from this evening;

My desktop as you can see. I know I have weird wallpapers.

Hunny's CLK DTM AMG Mercedes parked at the doorway :)

I then had my breakfast + lunch + dinner with some colleagues since Auntie Cass's buying dinner;

Eggs is a must when having Duck Rice

Dinner sponsor

An entire duck for dinner of 4

The infamous Simon

I just wish hunny was here to have this meal with me though she doesn't like duck :( I just miss her so damn much

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  1. Ah that Nikon, the loyal old camera. Which has been with us for so long, to everywhere :)

    Duck rice, I don't fancy but you, I fancyyyyy :D

    I miss you too baby.


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