Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ten things or less

Ten things that I hate the most

  1. Reptiles
  2. Being away from Honey
  3. Needing money
  4. My legs
  5. My hair now
  6. Lies
  7. Men who bitch
  8. Slow people
  9. Sad ending
  10. Period
  11. Needles
  12. Death

(okay okay. Ten things or less. Well, I always have the tendency to push it)

Ten things I want to keep until I die

  1. My family
  2. Greeting cards from people who appreciate me
  3. My hard earned furniture
  4. The first mobile from Honey
  5. My beautiful dresses
  6. My ring
  7. My watch
  8. Everything Honey has given me.

“Oh please sit down, how do you do, this job’s for me, the rest is poo”

Some people said that all the beautiful girls can have life for free, but I don’t want to be a beautiful girl. I want to pay. Oh yes. ^lol^

This. This whole thing. It’s not my obsession anymore. I am retired. One thing I am sure, I am not setting my foot here anymore, on my craving. We live, we work, we are just getting started, we’ll never see each other again.

Later babes. I love to hang but it’s school night. Que bueno!


  1. i'm tired of meme's already. the streak has ended :P

    hope you feel better soon. drink more MILO :) *squishes*

  2. Oh I loveeee meme hee :) They keep me blogging!

    Yea, EATING Milo now while typing *licking Milo on lips*


  3. Haha... I guess your post and mine are a bit at odds on #10. :p

  4. Hey Jenny, haha I realised that when reading yours just now :D


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