Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just stop being self-denial, cause I am happier than you

This new year has been rather good. I mean the Ox year, and of course 2009 is being good too :)

I cooked for new year eve. We had simple dinner with Diana around, she just came back from Sydney for a short holiday.

Diana & I went for some nightlife session that I have been promising her if she's back home. We too went shopping, movies and lots more :)

Today that she's back to her grandma's place, hubby took me to some pailin sessions. It was good. We definitely are enjoying this holiday.

My new-ox-year resolution:
  1. To make more good friends - I can hardly count how many real friends I have
  2. To make much more money
  3. To learn to cook more Chinese food
  4. To grow my hair back
I think that's enough.

God, I love everything I have. Thanks Honey!

P.S Honey will appear as my guest blogger anytime soon.



  1. fuyoo.last 1 min you were complainin that you are too lazy to update.the min i stopped harassing you, you posted another entry. super biatch!okaylah i too have my own resolution "to make less real friends" haha.

    love you bitch!

  2. Yo bitch :P

    Yea I thought of pretending to ignore my blog for few days so people will think that I am busy but shit, hands were itchy so this entry came up. Even after you commented I planned to only reply tomorrow but hands are itchy again. Tsk tsk tsk :)))))

    Hands or fingers?


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