Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

We did some house cleaning today and it took us half day to finish up. Imagine the condition of the whole house before the cleaning.

To those who gave us all the hampers, thank you so much. So thoughtful of you :)

Happy Chinese New Year everybody. May this year of the Ox brings us more prosperity, better health and abundance of happiness. Drive safe and please watch your food consumption.

And to all Oxies, believe me this is going to be your good year!



  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too darling! May this year brings happiness & fortune to you and me.. :) love ya!

  2. Oooohhhh.. the house looks really spacious and cozyyyy (esp. the way Seb's sitting LOL).

    Gong xi fa cai to you, girl! Have a wonderful year ahead and lots of love with it. Be healthy!!

  3. Hey, happy NIU year Yan!

    From what I gather, you're STILL moving to Bangladesh? It must be really tough... Wish you all the best...

  4. Liza,

    Thanks hun. Thanks. Hope you will have abundance of happiness and definitely more money lol


    Thanks haha he sits on floor all the time cause he is so cina lol


    Yeap, I am STILL going to Bangladesh. For career sake :)
    Thanks yea.


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