Friday, January 30, 2009

ferfucksake, why so defensive? You are still ugly anyway!

Some people should just be vanished from the earth. Act like rubbish just like the look.

Be my guest, comment as anonymous somemore. As if I am as stupid as you are not to know how to moderate comments. Tsk tsk tsk!



  1. hai sayang.. why r u so angry lor? not good 4 ur health.. juz ignore people who not worth of ur attention + ur blog entry.. cheer up ok darling?

    luv ya! :)

  2. what the heck she do la? did this continue from the bitching session on MSN? hahaha :)

    she's not worth it la.. be the bigger and better person :D

  3. Liza,

    Yeap, not good for my health haha :) Thanks babe.


    Yealo. Should be her la. Don't know what she wants also. She's always been a baggage anyway so dont know dont care! :)

    Don't care actually but just an entry especially dedicated for her since she stalks me everyday hehe :D


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