Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I got new fetish

Out of sudden I developed this huge appetite to eat sweet stuffs. All the time. For breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Teatime. Dinner. Supper.

Honey has started complaining that I tend to get so hungry during tea time (yea cause I usually will make a mug of super kaw Milo and match with some cookies) that spoils my appetite for dinner.

And I just finished two plates of chocolate cakes I stole from the pantry. A plastic bag of cherry a supplier gave me and about to finish the Ang Ku (eh no more ang so I must say Cheng Ku) I got from Aunt Mindy.

I am so gonna get diabetic!

Oh yea, Honey and I had a big fight last night caused by some misunderstanding. That was like the biggest fight ever. I cried and cried and cried. No, I mean we cried cried and cried. As much as I never wanted to share with people that we do fight when things don't turn how it'd be, I think I need to clarify this issue with some of you out there who think that our love life is so fake. That it's not possible to have such a beautiful love life like we do.

We do fight. Especially when I got confused by certain issues that haunted me for quite sometime in my life but we always made up. Like last night. Cause you know why? Cause everytime we fight, we will learn a lot. About each other. About things that we assume. I must admit that we have improved a lot in our relationship. Not only by fighting but by loving too.

He is not bad as a man. He is quite sensitive towards my feeling, towards my needs. Sometimes I wonder whether he is sensitive or I am not sensitive enough cause at times, he will request me to be more sensitive. To try to play nice to him.

Sometimes I tend to blame him for everything. I blamed him that I couldnt get a handbag I always wanted just because it has been sold out that we waited too long to purchase it. I blamed him for not been able to change his old password that I thought got to do with this old female friend of him. I blamed him for this and for that.

But again, we always know that we love each other so much right after we fought! It's amazing that we can just make up, just like that after a fight that almost cause a happy marriage. And now, I am admitting that I am quite very worried about being away from each other when I am off to Bangla cause I know how jealous I will be if I found out that he still uses the old passoword or even if he goes out with any biatch who I don't trust.

But one thing I am sure. If we ever fight again, he will never let me go. He will never give up on me. Does that mean, I can start a fight again? Cause I know that he wont give up on me? He he he.



  1. hai darling..
    ur craving for sweets maybe due to ur tiredness that need u to have plenty of sugar but it may also caused by ur hormones.. do a test k babe? maybe i will soon be an auntie! lol. =) yeah dear, fight will always make us closer. that is the only 1 thing we love when we fight. so, be strong, have some faith... luv ya dearest!

  2. i had choc cake too today! :)

    our office had "tong tong chiang" earlier, so they had food also. my colleague gave me 3 prawns. haha!

  3. yan sweety. it seems to me that the both of you were tied to commitments on a non conventional basis. cos u guys were young. try live back those days and catch up together those times you guys didn't spend continuing to know each other way deeper. sometimes worrying gets us girls paranoid, upset and bring up arguments. treat things like both of you are kinda dating again. a lil space here and there? just me two cents.

    hug~ love ya.

  4. Liza sayang, I am not pregnant eventhough how much we want to be cause we are not ready yet for another one:P My career is my second priority after Isaac and Seb.
    And yea babe, fights make our relationship either stronger (if we learn something) or will just make it worse (if we never learn anything). And I believe, in our case, we have learnt a lot and we are getting so much deeper into each other's heart ;)

    Jayne, good ah Chocs cake. I like oh. Feel like baking one tomorrow hehe. Anyway, so early ah you guys tong tong chiang?

    Sam darling, thanks thanks :D You are right, we just need to date again. Sometimes, when you are too comfortable with what you have, you tend to forget things that we shouldn't forget. I just told him last night that we should learn to fall in love again. i just wrote him a very long love letter, like those days again heee XD

  5. It could be cos of your period? I know there's a certain point I always crave sweet stuff... :D

  6. Jenny, I am not sure why cause my period is over, last week. Or maybe because of the stress. Y'know we, women. We think that the world revolves right beneath us. :P

    But boy, I love this new fetish. Yummy :D

  7. babe, i remember last time when your mum used to bake cakes and cookies, i was the one who finished everything, all the time. and you would be the one nagging nagging and nagging at me of my sweet appetite. god i miss those days. you shouldnt feel worried babe. you just eat. eat whatever you want. cause you are going to bangla soon and the last time i checked, they have no food there you know? :P

    babe, you and seb are just destined to be together. everybody fights. in fact i fight with eric all the time. but surely cant compare with you and seb cause you both are diff. i know how much he loves you and likewise so i was not worried when i read this post. welldone babe. you are just my superwoman. i miss you so damn much.

  8. Yiyi, sometimes it takes more than Seb or Isaac to make me happy. It also take a good friend like you who knows every single thing about me. Who has been there through thick and think with me :)

    You have said it all out, for me. I love you! *Hugs*


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