Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Do List

I made this list this morning. It looks as if I am really having hard time leave.

This is just a random list I could think of this morning. There's a lot more I want to do. A lot more.

We stopped writing emails to each other. He rather forward porn to his friends and write long emails to char his staffs.

We some sort of stopped watching movies at cinemas for the past two or three months: No need to explain no more why.

We do chat with each other but sometimes we tend to chat with other people more often: cause we talk to each other most of the time.

We don't sms so much anymore cause he is just two rooms away from me. And next to me most of the time after office hour.

I do pinch his nipples all the time but I feel that it's not enough. I want to pinch and tickle until he doesn't feel ticklish anymore.

I have stopped laughing at his hairy tummy.

I still cook for him but most of the time, I will end up screaming at him cause he is too cute at kitchen.

On a lighter note:

We just bought a condo. For us. For our future big family.

That's us trying hard to control our jumping-type-of-happiness
while signing the documentations :)

Yeap, we signed this and broke our fingers!

Note: Honey will probably needs to pack our stuffs and shift to our new place first when I am in Bangladesh :(



  1. congratz on ur new condo babe! dun forget to invite me to ur housewarming party k? ;)luv ya, take care!

  2. Hey yaaa, Juicy.

    You're going to Bangldesh! Be careful with the waters, make sure everything's hygienic alright?

    I forgot if I told you my name's Chin Joo really but at the time I met Seb, I went by Evelyn. Only a handful of friends still call me Eve.

    But I see I'm already on your blog roll as that ;)

    You sound like a great girl. Now have fun with your trip, you'll be back in no time!

  3. Liza sayang,

    Thank you :)))
    We are so excited. Really. We just got home from shopping for lights. Oh God, I couldn't help myself not to splurge. I will surely invite you. Will only do it once renovation is done. Shy la if not :P


    Yeay! He told you about you. That you are a nice person and a good friend :)

    Thanks for your concern. I hope to have fun there too :D

  4. Ooppssss.. sorry Yan. I'm sure you're "Juicy" only for Seb. Hahahahahaa no pun intended ;)

  5. No, it's cool Eve. Was just kidding:)
    That fella started calling me juicy on the very first few days know each other. Didn't even know whether anot I am juicy haha. Pervert :P

  6. u bought a new envy with this loving bird.pls do another house warming once im back.lols.take a good care of urself when u r in Bangladesh.Im sure u gonna love it.Shopping sounds tempting isnt it?


  7. COngrats on your new condo!!! Where is it? Are you having a housewarming??

    Oh my god, signing that stack of papers is not fun at all. Ask someone to sign la, alrady pay so much money. Haha...

    :D Again, congratulations!


  8. Hey Jenny,

    Thank you thank you haha. Kinda enjoying this - being congratulated :)

    It's at Kinrara - Puchong. House warming only after renovation and Bangladesh trip so everybody will have ample time to learn to cook so that can bring food to my housewarming party :))))

    Yea lor, so many things to initial to sign. But it was quite fun though :P

  9. Congratulations Yan & Sebastian! That's a big step on buying a condo. You guys have reached that level in life now :) Completion~

  10. Yeap, that's right! It is a BIG step *still shivering of the down payment amount* :P

    Hahaha, thanks Sam. We both are really excited :))))


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