Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love Letter From Hubby

Dear all,

I just wanna share a letter from my hubby when we first dating last fewwww years. This is not because I wanna boil some blood out there (who is probably reading this now and crying) but I just wanna share how happy we were/are together so to all bad spirit, please just go away from us. Don't make me beg please.

Good morning Juicy.

I hope I didn't push you too far in knowing the truth, or in
otherwords squeezing the juice out of the orange (You?) for the truth.
To be honest I knew it all along and I felt it. Was just testing your
courage, not saying that you're all chicken-shit or whatever, just
wanted to teach you what it takes to be courageous to say what you
mean from your heart. Know what I mean? Anyway I'm sorry if I put you
in tears yesterday.

I'm also sorry that I wasn't there for you when you went to the clinic
(Anyway did they jap you in the ass? :P). I wish I was there to take
you. I was pretty worried the word clinic was mentioned. I wished I
was there. But at the same time I was also afraid that if I were to
show such great concern (That my heart does) it'd cause a rather big
commotion/drama in the office with that bitch around, and well
including ***** though he's a nice/cool boss. I'm really sorry.

I wish I could have held you there. To the clinic and back to your
workspace and make you feel better. Please let me know if you're not
feeling well next time? Though I'm no doctor I can try to make things
better for you okay? I always try my best, for you. For you alone

You have quoted in your last e-mail (Sorry I've this tendency to study
what people say/write cause I was a English Literature student last
time, and I think I've mentioned to you before while we were at MPH,
Bangsar Village, remember? Well I do :) I mean that's just what
english lit students do. They study people, from words, written, body
langguage of the eyes, facial expression and everything else though
I'm not good at it I still do it) that;

"I still need you...I love your company..I mean it..."

Right after we had that chat on ******. After I guessed that I knew
that you are falling in love with me. Now don't do that face Juicy,
smile. You should be proud you admitted and you actually had the
courage to allow me to guess it out and admit it (Again sorry if I was
a little too pushy there). Well, I guess it also relates to something
you said in one of your emails, that you work late just to see me and
can't imagine a day without me around to brighten up your day or

Well Juicy all I wanna say is that I'm touched.

I sincerely am, honestly am touched.

Why thank you Juicy :) :) :)

There's something inside of me Juicy. It's, just me, after what
happened. After my period in life in which I have entitled "The rainy
days". That I hardly feel emotion anymore. Not to say that I don't
feel emotion laaa... it's just that hardly do I feel touched by
actions or words of others. Hardly laaa.... and to be honest Juicy you
have touched my heart when I read your eyes.

It definitely did. Again thank you :D

I'm getting, a litte sleepy. Yes. I did try to sleep, but I was
thinking about you and...

uhm I just decided since I can't reach you why can't I write you an
email since I'm thinking about you? Always :)

Remember to give me a wakeup call tomorrow yea. It's just wonderful to
hear your voice wake me up in the morning.

See you soon :)

P.S - Made you a wallpaper, click to download. Then you know how to
select kan :P

So sweet kan? :P



  1. Hehehehe... It's really sweet! :) Seb's a really nice guy, btw.

    So where's your response? :p

  2. Hahaha he is a very nice guy, Jenny. Am just very grateful :)

    My response was so girly and messy. I didn't know how to write as well as he did so no balls to publish it here haha :P

  3. sweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt! this is too sweeeettttt =)

  4. Hehehe, so sweet kan? :P I know I know XD

  5. ~clap3~ you score a real gentleman there honey! don't let him go by any circumstances ok? I'm soooo proud of you! lol.

  6. Hey Happy Virus :D

    Thanks thanks *clap clap back*

    I won't, even if I gotta kill :P

  7. hey yan!
    i just read this entry...OMGGGGGGGGG(with the gedikness all over).sweeets gels pls!i wish i have hubby just like urs.like when la kan!

  8. From Sebastian's looks I couldn't quite tell that he's the romantic sort. Looks reserved half the time. You lucky lucky girl. This shows that you married the right guy!

  9. Hey Sam, he is indeed a very romantic guy. In fact he is more romantic than I am towards him. I am more aggressive and he is more loving. Perhaps, that's what it takes to be together :P

    Gladly, I feel I am married to the right guy *God bless* Thanks dear Sam :)

  10. And Akma dahlin,

    So gediks kan? :P Hahaha, thanks babe. When the time comes, when it's your turn, I will be here to share that happiness with you :)


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