Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Mummy

Just a quick one before PPIM meeting,

The other day, I called Isaac from work, checking on him (whether or not he has taken his lunch). The conversation went like this;

Me: What are you doing baby?
Isaac: Hey mummy, I am eating rice with chicken.
Me: Ah, that's good that you are eating. So Mummy will call you back later after your food alright?
Isaac: Okay, Mummy call back later yea!
Me: Sure baby.
Isaac: Mummy, is it because your phone is rosak again? Cause if yes, I will need to Hello Mummy, Hello Mummy, Hello Mummy for too many times hmmmm *sighing sound*

Me: No darling. This time you wont need to do that again. I have got Daddy to fix it

So smart. Can faint!

Note: The other day when I was on the phone with him, I had to answer another incoming call so I had to put him on hold for a while as he thought that my phone was spoiled that he needed to hello mummy hello mummy hello mummy for so many times *haha*



  1. Hey! THanks for dropping by! Haha... It's pretty cool how you recognized me... was it the photos? or the stories? Anyway, now I can read Isaac stories without pestering Seb! He's such a cute lil kid!

  2. Hey Jenny, it was your name and I saw Hayden's name. Then I realised your header picture ;)

    Yea you can, I don't write much about him here cause I usually wrote about him in my other blog which has been idle for so long :P

    And thanks Jenny.


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