Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Smart Four Year Old Son

What do you expect from a four year old child? I know, sometimes we both expect too much.

I expect him to understand and follow my instructions
I expect him not to interrupt our conversations - especially when mummy and daddy are talking
I expect him to finish his food on his own eventhough he dislikes the food I prepared
I expect him not to run too much during parties cause I am always a competitive modern mum among other mums

*Are all these too much?

Sometimes I am very sure of my expectations, I am sure these are OK to be expected from our four year old child;

I expect him to use sentences of six or more words
I expect him to speak well enough for strangers to understand
I expect him to understand why can't he run away from me at malls
I expect him to understand the concept of brushing teeth - so that he won't have crooked teeth like mine
I expect him to wash his hands before meals
I expect him to wash his feet and hands once reached home
I expect him not to pick up food he already dropped and continue eating the same piece

Cause he does all these without me yelling at him all the time. Because he is our smart son!

And I thank God that he inherited my smart genes. And ability to tahan mummy's nagging from daddy's genes ;)



  1. Wait a minute... you are Seb's gf!

    I caught the pic on the sidebar (Of This I Thank God) and his face was partly hidden, still there's no way I cant recognise the monkey LOL

    I scrolled down and saw more pics. I felt smart to have recognise you through him, and pleasant that the blogosphere is tiny.

    Hi there :)

  2. So you are Seb's friend? God, I just stumbled into his other female friend yesterday through blog. And today it's you hahaha. It's getting too tiny!

  3. look at them. awwww.

  4. Yea sometimes I wonder why I am so blessed- being blessed with these two :)


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