Monday, January 12, 2009

I never....

  1. Met my hubby's ex girlfriend - I want to. Anybody know how & where to meet her?
  2. Watched the ending of Titanic Movie - I didn't want to cry the first time I watched then became habit the next times I watched it
  3. Dived - I am yet to get my PADI license
  4. Used tampon - I am always scared it might hurt
  5. Had a boyish hair cut - The shortest I ever had was 'baby doll' style, ears length
  6. Been for Overseas Road Trip - Like that show 'Euro Trip'
  7. Liked reptiles or any icky stuffs - BIG ewwwwww
  8. Had a real father
  9. Had a long term girlfriend relation/friendship until I met Clare before it ended
  10. Touched dolphin - I really want to
  11. Not cry more than 1 month
  12. Wore contact lenses - Have tried few times but too scared to really wear them to go out
  13. Loved someone as much as I love my hubby
  14. Been so fierce and hot tempered before I had my hubby as my punching bag
  15. Received a bouquet of roses (I say roses cause he always gave me any flowers that he managed to see & grab especially in park or roadside) from my hubby - I please myself by saying that it's a waste of money as we share the same bank account ( ....I know I know)
  16. .....will continue when I have more to list down



  1. 1. u really wanna meet her? lol. she was a nightmare to me, once upon a time :)

    3. faster faster. then u can become my new divebuddy :)

    interesting list. i should blog. never blogged this year. lol :)

  2. Hey Bwooie :)

    1. Why was she a nightmare babe? She was / is never a nightmare. Just wanna makesure I am more worth it so gotta see her in person. Have seen her in pictures - didnt manage to attract me tho'(if I were a boy) lol

    3. Yea, when I got back from Bangla. We will go dive OK :))))

  3. babe,its been a that i have internet cnnection at home,i will bug u everyday kekeke.

    so still looking forward to meet that girl huh?you weird girl,if me i wouldnt want to.make me sakit hati only for being a secret for years because to jaga her face.bleh!

  4. Hmmmm, yes the curiosity can kill. I know I know. But I just wanna see and evaluate whether or not it was worth it for me to be hidden because of her and her memory.

  5. babe, just dont bother ok. wont give you any benefit. if if bring me along, then ok :P


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