Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hair problem


I realised that the cause of my hair problem is my stupidness or is it stupidity? I went to straighten my hair right after I colored it. Damn. Or maybe the hairstylist is stupid.

First I cut it short. Then I changed to f.difficult to maintain bob style. Then I kept trimming it. Then I went to color to add some spice. Then I went to straighten it because I hate the curled part near my ears that caused the dryness. What else?

My hair is having hard time.


Split ends.


But as Charlene said, it's just hair....

I am going to buy my Kadus shampoo later! It is my old sweetheart :)

Do you guys have any advice or ideas on how to deal with this?


  1. babe, i read from one article you need to keep changing shampoo every 3 mths or something then you need to stim it. heh.

  2. Yea I do that but this one is un fixable already. Sigh :(


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