Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The chewing gum, big & small issue

Mother: Have you eaten, Baby?

Son: Yes I have eaten.

Mother: What did you have?

Son: Hmmm I had rice with chicken with Milo.

Mother: Ha? Rice with Milo? Hmmm was it good?

Son: Yes verrryyyy good!

Mother: Can Mummy have some please? Please pretty please...

Son: Mummy cook yourself.

Mummy: Can you cook for me then?

Son: Noooo. I can't reach the stove. I am small. Mummy big.

Mother: Hmmm well, if you are still small, you have to eat more rice, drink more milk. Don't keep drinking Milo when Mummy is not around.

Son: Ohhh if I am big like Mummy then I can eat chewing gum?


  1. when can i meet this super-chomel-chatterbox?
    kisses from auntie Dee ! :)
    *u can always drink Milo when u r with me!* Not gonna tell mummy, hehe :P

  2. Hahaha another person I want to avoid, those who have the possibility to spoil him.
    Milo is not good for kids. But it's good for us!


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