Thursday, August 7, 2008

The one about fashion

A mother was rushing to dress up with the cute son on her side.

Son: Mummy, faster faster. Daddy is waiting (in a very excited tone of going out to McD).

Mother: Okay okay...

Son: What are you wearing, Mummy?

Mother: Hmmm Mummy is not sure. Can you choose for me? (showing two evening dresses, one is with pinkish floral and another one is black and white).

Son: Hmmmmm (with wide smile), this one! (Pointing at the black and white one).

Mother: Hmmm Mummy like this one too. Okay, let's put it on.

(After putting it on) How is it? Mummy pretty or not?

Son: Yes!


  1. omigosh....ths is tooo cute. adorable like veryyyyyy.......
    just like you.

  2. Hmmmm make one dahling. It's time!


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