Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mid Term School Holiday 2008


As promised to my sweetheart Diana, these are few pictures of shoes you like ;) and few other pictures I took yesterday that you might like that relates to the badly missed home sweet home haha:D
Mid Valley, baby!

I am not sure whether you can have this
local made brownies there anot haha


It was school holiday last week and we took that opportunity to bring Isaac to Zoo Negara (National Zoo) which is located at Wangsa Maju towards the end of Ampang and beginning of Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. As usual, animals are one of his interest :)

Isaac: Whoa tiger. Elephants! Zebra! Giraffe!
Us: Yea, cool huh? You like it?
Isaac: Yes I like it. Wahhhh that's lions. It's lions.
Us: Yeap that's lion. It will bite you if you are naughty.
Isaac: Really?

[End of the visit.]

Isaac: Hmmmm you said you want to bring me to Zoo.
Can we please go to zoo now, daddy?

Us: Hah? :S

Note: We did try to explain to him that the place that we were at is called ZOO. Zoo is full of animals. But, y'know kids these days.

By the way, some pictures here;

The first picture at Zoo Negara!!! Yay!

Upon arrival, he just got up from nap, still very groggy :)

The first animals he saw at Zoo, already made him so excited :)

Those giraffes are so clean and beautiful

Next, was a very friendly elephant. It was trying to
shake hand with one of the audiences:)

Well, it was a very lovely afternoon :)

He was too tired, so he needed some sugar from the Vanilla Coke
heeee, no I don't do this often!

This part is so beautiful, looks like 'The Lion King' in the making scene

These two lazy flers ;p

He said they were pink ducks not flamingo hahaha :)

I know this is adorable :)

And this too :)

Beautiful beautiful lancee creature :)

"Eh, got baby anot?"

Getting tired towards end of the day...

We had fun there and looking forward to visit another zoo (or maybe Genting Highlands) during the next school holiday :)

Since everybody was too tired to eat out, I decided to go home and cook. Yay?! :)
Who wouldn't feel glad if the loved ones enjoy the food
you cook after a tiring day :)

Since I am too lazy to write another post, I am going to slot this in too :D....

During this week, I also had the 'opportunity' to shop before the grand closing of 2008 Megasale!

Til then, got to go. Need to write my intellectual emails now :(



  1. waaaaaaa
    jeles jelessssss
    damn u woman, shop like theres no tomorrow
    eat secret recipe browniess
    go zoo with two hunkies
    am so jealoussss OKKKK
    but u have to write ur intellectual mails now
    that one am not jealous at all
    hehehehe :P :P
    *shouldnt write that*
    kekeke :P

  2. Come back here then I will make you the luckiest girl in this whole wide world, woman!

  3. school holidays.. i remember that my parents used to take me to eat pizza and watch movies together with my cousins. pretty cool being a kid ;) i miss those times.

  4. Yea school holidays, i was always looking forward for it when i was a kid as my parents were not in Malaysia, so during school holiday I will hope & pray that they will come back and pick me up from boarding school urm

  5. boarding sch?! so sad :/


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