Thursday, August 28, 2008

When I create my imaginary sappy moment of having too much sweets

"Now. Now you're not cheating on me. But you did and you might again.. And I cant keep on checking on you.. I love you, but I love myself more."

Stumbled onto this and I remember saying this once. But it was a lie. It never happened as it is. I am still checking on you in everything you do. No, I am not tired. I won't be. And that's only because I love you. And of course I love myself more but most important is, you love me more than yourself. And I like that fact.

Perhaps, you can convince me that you didn't actually cheat on me but she did. Urm, or something that can make me feel even better, a proof that she is a just a piece of shit you accidentally stepped on.

Long life!

Footnote: No worries. Just a random blabbering session (sappy entry) I crave. That's because I have too much happiness in life as of late.


  1. this sounds serious. u didn't make that up right. cos it doesn't sound made up :S

  2. It was real but then I shouldn't even think of it now, to be honest. Cause I got what I wanted but sometimes, without any valid reason, this brain refused to stop thinking about this kind of thing which actually supposed to be forgotten as it happened ages ago. :)And weird part is, this brain works on this negative thoughts during happy moments (shitty right?).That's why I say "I create my sappy moments when I am over than happy"....

  3. hun, are you okay? talk to me.

  4. slowly bury the past :/ or there's less likely a bright future. i'm trying. the harder i try, it doesn't work. when u c ur kiddo things to get better cos u see u both in him. focus on ur lil' one and keep busy. that's one way!

  5. Hey darlings,

    No worries please, I read your bloody long email and I am so lazy to write back heee.

    Talk to you on MSN kay!


    You la! As if you do not know me ;p

    Yea I know, he is our love, not to worry, you are such a sweetheart but we are okay, the past, let it be past :) :)


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