Friday, August 29, 2008

lucky day

Was having lunch, when suddenly a crazy farking bird/pigeon landed on my head, choy!!!!

(Lucky never shit on me! Cheese!)

To make it more interesting (interesting ka?), Mr. D who was eating with another bunch of friends at the mamak next door came to me and suddenly ask for 4 numbers.


Note: They think it's a good luck to have a bird to land on the head. Suew! So do you think I should buy number today?


  1. sorrrryyy yan. all wedges are sold out and not restockable. :(

  2. when i was 7 years old a pigeon in perth went into my hair and shaAaat inside it. i had to follow my dad to the guy's toilet and have my hair cleaned. the pigeon likes black hair wtf LOL

    happy 51st merdeka to u juicy bunny!

  3. lols pity you darl hehe

  4. Hey Akma, its okay thanks darl ;)

    Sam, really? I guess they are birdies, birds with hot chicks haha ;)

    Mya darling, everybody stared at me OK. Shit!


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