Wednesday, September 3, 2008

this is why I love Malaysia

He was my best friend (still is), he was my brother (still is too), my mentor, my boss and my crony.

He bought me lunches and dinners for free everyday. He carried me when I was wasted. He pujuk'd me when I was merajuk with monkey (that's how we both called Honey). In fact we used to have nicknames for everybody in the office; Brooke for bitch, Step Father for Mr. T, Sista for Miss Z and few other names which I can't really remember anymore ;)

Just a coupla months before my resignation, a new girl joined the company and as the fairy tales goes, they fell in love with each other.....

He is a city guy who went to Sekolah Kebangsaan, on the other hand she is a girl from a small town in Johore who went to Chinese school. It's not difficult for them to communicate as both can speak English and a little of Cantonese but then when he had the chance to meet up with the future mother in law who stays alone in kampung, the true colors came up ;) They have difficulty to communicate as she can only speak Mandarin and Hokkien which both can't be spoken/understood by him.

So, this is how this two Chinese flers communicate;

FMIL: Kamu hendak makan apa?
FSIL: Saya mahu makan nasi dengan babi.

FMIL: Kamu punya kampung mana?
FSIL: Oh datuk saya datang straight dari China jadi saya tiada kampung di Malaysia.

FMIL: Boleh kamu tolong belikan sedikit ubat?
FSIL: Boleh. Di mana?
FMIL: Di kedai yang ketiga hujung sana. Kamu mesti bercakap bahasa melayu kerana meraka tidak tahu bahasa kita.

Happy Independence day Malaysia! And this is my Merdeka entry for this year ;)

Footnote: Excuse the harsh words for a while, it's merdeka people!


  1. interesting!

    selamat hari merdeka yan.

  2. i likey thissss
    hepi merdeka baby girl


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