Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey all,

Just a quick one before I go for my Friday meeting.

I received lotsa messages in regards to my previous post

Some of them are happy- since my hubby and I are having problems i.e fighting or biting each other.

Some of them are concerned - they tried to take me out! Huh?

Most of them are friends - they are worried of me getting hurted.

So here is my confession;

NO NO NO, we are completely fine, not fighting, not biting each other (I mean, not in anger la cause we do bite at times), not sulking at each other no!


We are OKAY! We are still so much in LOVE. In fact more and more every single day.

I wrote the post because I like the lines, said by Samantha in SATC. And I felt like writing some emo post as I noticed that emo posts will attract more readers (that's what exactly happened to me - padan muka). More choi!

So ;
For those with black hearts, I am sorry, I cant please you this time :)
For those who 'concerned' heee I appreciate that but 'No, thanks!' :)
For friends, I love you til the end :D

Note: No I can't publish your evil comments. That's the purpose of the comment moderator. Judge me if you want.



  1. my dear! i noticed that the worst mistake i've made ever while surviving a relationship i spend too much time fighting for IS... letting the wrong people know that we were fighting. she got into our lives and tried to take my place. i'll make sure that doesn't happen again.

  2. Yea that happens. I know, I usually don't do this, I mean I am very reserved when it comes to relationship, since we first dated, I didn't go and tell ppl even though we were really fighting,or i was really hurt,

    yea, cause i dun want ppl to get into me and ruin everything :)

    but when I wrote this entry, i never thought ppl will still do that haha, same mistake!

    Thanks darling!


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