Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it a fault to pamper somebody you love?

It was too painful until I sat down on the floor and my delegates?
They had fun laughing at me while taking this picture. You guys are mean :(

While typing this, I am trying hard to be a good girl to at least try to eat something. I am now munching the mee mamak that I tapau'd for breakfast this morning.

I know I know that I am spoiled. Honey agrees on mostly everything I say. He says yes to mostly everything I ask. So when everybody else says that I am so pampered by him - I said NO NO NO. He doesn't pamper me. But when he is not around and when I need to do everything on my on (especially this) i.e getting up from my seat and get my own food, crawl under the table to plug in the cable, pretend that it doesn't hurt when I accidently munch my food using my right teeth (cause when he is round, I usually bitch at him that nobody understands how painful it is eventhough he said nothing as he dare not-plus it was my decision to remove it not his), put my PJ's by myself before go to bed... I know how pampered I am now.

Blame him. It is his fault to pamper me until I literally forgot how to do things by myself. It is all because of him.

He shouldn't always say yes when I ask for new tops or shoes or handbags. He shouldn't always say that I am right when I say it wrong. He shouldn't always apologise when I scold him after he tried to make me eat something before taking my medicine. Sigh. Now whose fault is it?

And yea Charlene and Diana, I still owe you girls the tag thingy :)
So you guys, share with me. Is it wrong to pamper somebody you care or love?


  1. Hehehe babe, you and I can be best friends. We've got one thing in common and that we are spoiled rotten by our men! :D

    So, no. It's not wrong to pamper the one you love. As long as it's a give and take kinda thing... I guess :)

  2. Hahaha yea I think you are absolutely right. Bestfriends, with same attitude is always the best :)So yea they pamper us too much but in return, they got such a hottie like us haha. So it's considered give and take yes?
    And our love? Urgh is unimaginable!

    Come to KL and we can go partay!


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