Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy anniversary honey bunny!

I am in pain. So much pain. I just removed my wisdom tooth last Friday. It's been three days but it is still painful like hell. Shit. I wish I didn't remove it. Regret.

So yea despite the pain, life is beautiful as usual. On Thursday, honey bought the movie tickets for Hell Boy Premiere. He was so excited to watch it. Though I was very tired (I had an event at Star Hill on Wednesday & Thursday), I said yes when he asked me whether I want to watch it or not in the midnight. So yea, after event, we went to Vichuda Tomyam, Uptown to have dinner then went back home to shower and change for the movie. Reached home, looking at the comfy couch, I told him that I need to take a nap for 5 minutes while he was getting ready. So he said okay go ahead....

Waking up, I couldn't remember how long did I take my nap, I asked him;

"Are we late?"

So he said;

"Yes. But we can still rush there."

Then this piggy wifey mengadaly said;

" Can we not go? Cause I am very tired..."

Loving me too much to say no, he said "Okay, Hunny" while tucking me into bed.

Ah, honey how can I dump you for Mr. Mcdreamy hurt your feeling if you love me this much? :)

Tomorrow is our anniversary, and I only wish for one thing;

.........I want to grow old with him.


  1. Awwww so sweet! You are so lucky, babe! Happy anniversary to the both of you!


  2. Hey Charlene,
    Thank you! Thanks for being so so sweet :)

  3. hey babe happy anniversay. congrats to you both. you two are such a beautiful couple. totaly amazed on what love can turn us into.

    best regards,
    mya and john.


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