Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The un-productive morning caused by blogging

And yea. I wanted to share some pictures taken by my delegates yesterday but internet was being abitch. So here they go!

Today, being bored at events. I spent my whole morning browsing through people's blogs. And today only I found out that there are so many famous bloggers out there who became celebrities only by blogging, bloggers wars and so many other things about blogosphere lah!

Haha, somemore dare call myself a blogger! Huh!


*Coughing hekkkk the sound of the flam trying to come out, and I spent almost an hour to day dream if I can go for holidays with Charlene haha. You are so desperate la, woman!

So this morning, it's all about day dreaming and kaypoh-ing! Reason being so? Because I spent too much time reading people's blogs then start comparing with mine if not bitching to him. Not a productive morning yo!


  1. Comeeeeee and join us! We'll have loads and loads of fun. That's a promise! :D

  2. Yea I am creating reasons in my head to be presented to him :D


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