Friday, January 6, 2017

Chaos in The Lims' Household

For the past 4 days, our lives have been very chaotic. Isaac started his form one in evening session school and Sophie's school is still closed until end of this week so the whole routine had to change. All four of us had a hard time adapting to this new routine. I had to work from home with Sophie's presence + demand (mind you, we have no helper) and Seb had to travel up and down fro/to home-work-home-school-work-school-home whilst Isaac himself had been very exhausted, trying to cope with the new schedule. 

People often ask how do I juggle my life as a wife, mother and CEO of 2 businesses. I always told them - every week, I put together a schedule (which involves my daily routine + work schedule) and I stick to them! 

So, with this newly revamped schedule, I can say without shame -- that our lives have been tunggang terbalik and it's only been 4 days! 

To add on to all this madness - I had TV crews following me for the entire day on Tuesday to film 'a day in the life of iOli Communications CEO' for a TV program which will be aired on RTM. I know, it's my own doing when I agreed and committed to this. 

I prayed and wished this chaotic new routine would end soon because I'm a creature of routine and this chaos isn't good for my soul. It's not productive. And I became less efficient. 

The power of positivity and as a huge believer of law of attraction (I kept requesting/appealing for change of school even though I was told many times to just wait until the next intake) -- yesterday, we received a call from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah to inform us Isaac has been offered to enroll in a cluster school. And another good news was, that school is in morning session! Phew! Such a relief. Alhamdulillah.

Can't wait for Monday when our life will be back to normal. Our kind of normal, that is. 

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