Wednesday, October 26, 2016


When was the last time I wrote anything here. Couldn't sleep, turning and tossing and I almost woke the girl up (took me an hour of nursing to put her to bed just now) and I was not gonna risk waking her up so I decided to do some work. Grabbed the laptop and came out into the living room. Stared at the ceiling fan, and I knew I won't be able to get any work done.

We had a good evening, Girls in Tech KL hosted our 2nd Women Founders Night and it went great. Tonight's event was supported by Microsoft and US Embassy in KL. The guests had a good time, the women founders managed to pitch directly to the investor, met some supportive friends who came all the way to support, media was happy - it was almost perfect.


Why is my mind so cluttered?

I might be tired. Just tired. But am I allowed to say that out loud? Will this upset anyone?

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