Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Type of people you don't want to raise your kids to be

I have worked with so many types of people. And I have friended (and unfriended) so many types of people too. You know the type of people who act like they are still in high-school? Or those divas you hate?
  1. The type who merajuk for no reason cos craving for all the attention in the world? I know a girl. Tsk tsk tsk.
  2. The type who always want people to ajak her/him personally. A general invite in the group chat won't work for this type of people. I know someone.
  3. The type who feel offended because the friends were blessed with things that he/she has been wanting. Get a life! You might have something that others don't have, think it that way.
  4. The type who make a stupid remark on how this new colleague is flamboyant and always wear nice clothes and make up whilst the rest of the office do not. And this is probably a possible reason why they find it hard to get along. Really? Wtf!
  5. The type of boss who would hire someone just because you like this someone so much during the interview and didn't actually ask the right questions to makesure that someone will fit your requirements and 'preference'. And then judge this someone for being incapable of doing work. So sad. If only you gave him/her a chance, he/she can potentially be one of the best people you've ever worked with.
  6. The type of people who would only laugh and make jokes with the friends that they like. Not allowing the new 'person' to enter your 'fun circle'. Sigh #youcannotsitwithus type of people. This is no longer high school, girl.
  7. The type who think they are the best. Konon OCD and very detailed. Keep giving trouble to those working under them. 
  8. The type who would scream and shout at people. It is not a good feeling at all to be screamed at by someone. Even kids shouldn't be screamed at, let alone adults.
  9. The type who would badmouth people to the bosses. Such ular!

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