Friday, May 29, 2015

Pixie Cut

I have always wanted a short do. But my husband likes his girl to be all girly. He dislikes girls who are boyish, speak loudly and act all rough. And he likes longhaired girls.

I too, like my hair long but after I gave birth to Sophie, I just wanted a change. I trimmed my long locks about 3 months ago to slightly below shoulder length.

And two weeks ago, I chopped off my hair to really really short! It was impulse. I was so sick of not having enough time to shower and get ready so I told hubby that I needed that. He was reluctant at first but I convinced him that I can and will still look hot for him hahahaha.

Because it was so unplanned, I didn’t get a slot with my favourite hairstylist at Shawn Cuttler so I went to this salon that I usually go for something simple like a wash and blow. The haircut was okay but it wasn’t how I pictured it to be so today I dropped by at Shawn Cuttler and had a trim.

Turned up to be exactly how I wanted it. Like Audrey Hepburn teheeee…..

So, if you need a good stylist for a complicated look, look for Emily Tee at Telawi 2 branch. There is another Emily at Telawi Square branch, I am not sure if she is any good though. But of course, if you can afford Shawn himself, go for him! Hehe.

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