Saturday, March 21, 2015

Right or wrong does not justify violence

1.  First and foremost, I personally feel one should think of the consequences before doing something, anything. Producing something so sensitive requires deep thoughts. Especially with the way our people respond to anything race and/or religion related.

2. However, right or wrong, violence is never the answer. No religion nor God condone such act.

3. It seems like you can't even raise a different viewpoint without being threatened with rape/death these days! What happened to our society? This is a cowardly response to debate and discussion.

4.  Threatening to rape, kill and burn her alive because she offended you by saying 'hurtful' words against your faith or belief - how is this in line with what hudud is all about? It tells a lot on your understanding of hudud, doesn't it? Think again, why was hudud implemented? Can it be that an insult is more serious than a rape and murder threat?

5. It is evident that people get estranged in ideology so much so that they almost forget about how to weigh the gravity of one wrong and some wrong.

6.... And then, there are those who blame Najib for everything he he...

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