Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Someone I look up to gave me a piece of advice:

When we're successful, remember that there are people who are more successful than we are. And remember how it was when we were not doing well. 

When we are faced with financial problems, remember that there must be plenty more opportunities for us. This is not the end of the world.

If we have tried so hard but still do not see the results we deserve, remember that even those who are successful did face such challenges and failures and it was probably much more difficult but they did not budge and ultimately they succeeded. 

When we are faced with life crisis, remember that even those who are successful now might have been through such phases in their lives and maybe due to their patience, prayers and commitment, they are now able to enjoy the taste of success.

When we are in a state of grief, remember that everyone who is successful and happy now might have gone through such state and they pulled through.

Remember, the road to success is not only taken by us. Others have also gone through the same road and they've arrived at their destination. If we are on the right track, we will surely reach our destination. 

And remember, when success is upon us, we need to be humble and don't be arrogant, especially towards people who were there for us. And when in trouble, always think positive, be patient and keep trying!

Thank you. I will make sure to always remember this.

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