Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

This year, on NYE, we stayed in, watched The Judge and went to bed at 10.30pm. Woke up on 01.01.2015 and didn't even remember that it was new year. Reached out for the phone and saw all the fancy New Year wishes from so many people. Oh damn. I didn't even remember to wish anyone. Signs of old age? Hehe.

So many heartbreaking events happened in 2014. To the nation, to the world, to my bestfriend and to some other people I know.

But 2014 was very kind to me and family. I will always remember 2014 in a very special way.

So on the first day of new year, we had good lunch at Vichuda Uptown. My kinda food.

And then, we went shopping for hubs' essentials. Hubs is the type of husband/father who doesn't buy anything for himself. I usually shop for him every few months but I've been a tad bit overwhelmed for the past year and half. And he has been telling me that he didn't need anything and I guess I wasn't attentive enough. So recently, I realised his socks have holes, his underwears have holes, his belt patah, his pants koyak, his shoes koyak, his working shirts all faded. Oh man. That's it, I am not gonna let him wear all those. People will think I am a lousy wife who only spends on herself and makes the husband spends on her  and her alone.

We spent hours in mall. Went into so many stores. Hubs is very hmmm, difficult. One, he doesn't like shopping. Two, he has a very specific taste. He will only buy if he sees something he REALLY likes, something he REALLY needs. I mean, who does that? Duh. Anyway, at the end, we managed to get him a few pairs of new pants and a belt. Didn't succeed in shirts and undergarments, will continue the mission this weekend. As for shoes, seeing how specific his taste in shoes is, I foresee another few months until we find something he really likes -__-

Had our dinner out and came home to watch The Interview. Damn good. Please watch it. So goddamn funneh!

Anyway, I like to think we need to always think positive. And the positive energy will then attarct the good things. I'd like to start my every day positively, my new year right and I think I did pretty well. Hope everyone started the new year right as well. Happy New Year everyone. I truly hope 2015 will bring all of us so much more peace, love and joy.

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