Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Separation Anxiety

Sophie has been extra clingy lately. It is almost impossible to survive the drive to anywhere without her crying her lungs out, asking to be picked up from her carseat. My heart breaks each time L

And every morning, the journey to the babysitter’s house is always very stressful. She cries, sobs, screams…. And I will feel so guilty and then she gives me this look like she’s very angry with me *cries*

And then, I need to leave her with the babysitter right after the sulking saga *shrieks*

I know it’s weird. But I have been feeling a bit upset whenever I send Sophie to her babysitter’s house in the morning and she quickly jumps into her arms the minute she hears her voice. And then she refuses to even look at me.

“Refused to pick me up just now, right? Now, take this, Mummy. I like Umi better”.

*Drops on the floor and faint*

I don’t know if you understand this feeling. I should be grateful that my baby is comfortable with her babysitter. I am crazy, I know.

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